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Oi you!

Isaiah 55.1-5 Matthew 14.13-21 Isaiah 55 starts “Oi! you thirsty ones, come to the water.” Yes, that’s the same thirst in Psalms 42 [As the deer thirsts…] and 63 [My soul thirsts, my body longs (for God)]. And what’s the … Continue reading

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All things work together for what?

Romans 8.26-39 There are some great passages here “nothing can separate us from the Love of God,” “we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.” It’s stirring, hope filled language with a promise of confidence for all time. And then … Continue reading

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Hyper Conquer!

In Romans 8.37 we have one of those fun words that only appear once in Scripture. It is a compound verb where two words are put together as one to create a new verb. The two words are “hyper” (above/over/more) … Continue reading

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At a certain point in the life of faith, words run out. I can describe the spiritual practices which form the frame of the picture and record my working in that frame, but neither of them is the actual picture. … Continue reading

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Subject to Futility

Romans 8. 12-25 In this part of Romans, Paul tosses out a comment that has stuck with me for years. He says that all of creation is subject to futility [8.20]. I know that my life has seen futility and, … Continue reading

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Seeds and Soil

Matthew 13.1-9, 18-23 Isaiah 55.10-13 The parable of the sower is generally preached as a cautionary tale. “See the different soils here?” we are told, “Be good soil!” Yes it is worth our time to check ourselves. Are our hearts: … Continue reading

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