I Come to the End and You are There

Ps 139, John 1

I was graciously invited to lead worship at Portsmouth Trinity tomorrow, but am too ill to be out of the house (seriously, ‘flu is no fun). But the text is so rich, it begs for a word.

“To me how precious your thoughts God, how mighty their sum! I count them greater than sand, I come awake and still you are with me.”

The psalmist considers the thoughts, the thinking/doing/being of God and says “how great/mighty is the sum of all that is you!” Then, as if counting sand grains on the seashore or stars in a clear night sky, the psalmist tries to get their mind around this vastness. But the sheer size alone defeats the attempt.

This end however is not a defeat because once the psalmist’s head comes up from all the labor, there is God, patiently right there seeing the psalmist with eyes of love. So the search which begins with Phillip inviting Nathaniel to “come and see” [John 1.46] ends with Nathaniel being seen [John 1.48]. The psalmist begins the search looking to see the vastness of God and in the end, is seen by the one sought.

In a completely silly way, it is like all those romantic comedies where Our Hero(ine) discovers that their Most Beloved is the person always in the background, always there, and always a friend. This is the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ ever so slowly, ever so amazingly.


About pstrobus

The product of a youth misspent in libraries. I realized early that language is important and that words have a great deal of power and so I listen for the shape of the ideas as well as the words.
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