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There are times when being diplomatic and nice is actually the very right thing. Blind Bartimaeus demonstrates that it is not always the right thing. Continue reading

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Mark: a Conclusion

Sunday readings address scripture in a number of small chunks, each one worthy of particular study. The focus on the small however can leave us missing larger patterns, like in the 10th chapter of the Gospel According to Mark. Continue reading

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Hoi Megaloi (the Big Ones)

We like to be winners, on the right side of sporting events and political discussion. Jesus has this wierd idea that our lives are more open and alive when we serve others. Continue reading

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The Taxonomy of Jesus

Order can refer to ducks in rows, Ancient and Honorable organizations, and the level of taxonomy between phylum/class, and family/genus. Paul was talking about the later when he mentioned Melchizedek. Continue reading

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Ultralight Jesus

Jesus takes one look at our pile of dearly beloved, absolutely precious stuff, and suggests that we sell it. (panic ensues) Continue reading

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The Slinky Nightie of Faith

Passion and desire are healthy parts of the life of faith and intimate images have great power. So with tongue only slightly in cheek I urge you to put on the Slinky Nightie of Faith. Continue reading

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