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Embraceable You

We seem to have a problem with passion in our love relationship with God. It’s OK to be passionate about a sports team, or our lover, but God? That’s just wierd. David disagrees. Continue reading

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Whoever Enters Through Me

Scriptural interpretation often says more about who we are and what we expect than it does about the text at hand. Here’s Jesus’ “no one enters except by me.” Continue reading

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Housecleaning: the Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual life encompasses the whole of our being, which means that even housework is part of our spiritual growth. Continue reading

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Friend Zoned Jesus

Who wants to be in the friend zone? (no hands go up) Me neither, but it seems that Jesus is feeling left out of our hearts and lives. Continue reading

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The Sum of our Stories

We are the sum of the stories we tell about ourselves, the world, and God so this season, let’s re-consider the stories we tell and see if they lead us into life. Continue reading

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Way Out Jesus

“Moses, Elijah, and Jesus meet on a mountain,” it sounds like the lead in to a bad joke but they were discussing the Exodus Jesus was setting in motion. Continue reading

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