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The Divine Ex-

The life of faith is described as a marital relationship and our separation from God as a kind of divorce. This leads to the question, what kind of person is our ex? Continue reading

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A Lovely Dwelling Place

We can see God present in a “holy place” and be tempted to leave that holiness right there within those walls. But what if we ourselves are God’s Lovely Dwelling Place? Continue reading

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Conspiracy Gnosis

Q: What do a gnostic, a conspiracy theorist, and a middle school girl all have in common?
A: They all have a seeeeeecret (and it makes them better than you). Continue reading

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Our Itching Ears

We like to hear things that ‘tickle our ears’ just so and agree with our assumptions about the world. There is however, a note of caution about the things ‘our itching ears long to hear.’ Continue reading

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Wrestling With God

Jacob at the Jabbok is so boring and sweaty and Old Testament so why read it? It tells us part of what it means to be us wrestling in the dark with the God we do not understand. Continue reading

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In their Going, Healing

There’s a temptation in life to wait until we’ve “got it all together” but there’s always ‘just one thing more’ that needs to be fixed. What if we just went ahead and lived? Continue reading

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