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Leaving and Cleaving

Wedding services mention this ‘leaving and cleaving’ business as if it were a perfunctory nod to sex. It’s really about the full and hard work of intimacy, and that’s a totally different story. Continue reading

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A Physical Resurrection

Rationalism insists that resurrection is a Nice Idea, a symbol of life but not a physical reality (because that’s messy). But if Jesus didn’t physically rise, then the material world doesn’t matter, and that’s a bigger mess. Continue reading

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Leaping Up Into Life

There’s a woman, there’s a well, and here comes Jesus bopping along talking about water. But the water he talks about does something, it goes somewhere, it leaps and dances and goes into life. Wanna come along? Continue reading

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Complementarity Crapolla

Because the topic comes up from time to time, let’s take a look at the biblical story of creation and what it means for gender roles. Continue reading

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The Joy of Birds

In the midst of Isaiah 35 there is an image of creation’s resurrection. One version of the text goes so far as to call it the ‘joy of birds.’ Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom

We’ve been told by earnest people that only people will be in heaven. Animals are nice, they say, but not permitted. Well Bollocks to that. Continue reading

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