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A Dogged God

Psalm 23 We hear the twenty third psalm most often in hospitals and at funerals which is just sad. It is a psalm of confidence, a psalm of trust and deserves more than to be stuck in a corner and … Continue reading

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That Baaad Girl

John 4.5-42 It may indeed be true that the woman at the well was a serial monogamist, flitting from man to man and shacking up with another one right now. It could be, but I don’t think so. This is … Continue reading

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Beloved Cosmos

John 3.1-17 Cosmos is a Greek word usually translated “world” as in the known world and the whole earth. It also means the everything which is why when astronomers wanted a word to mean “everything that is” they used cosmos. This changes the sense of that … Continue reading

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Broken Creation

There is a dignity in admitting that something is broken, unfixable, and still treasured. In the U.S. we are encouraged to believe that broken things must be thrown out or repaired. Staying broken is not an option. Creation however, cannot … Continue reading

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Adam is a Jerk

Genesis 3.1-7 It’s popular to assume that this whole temptation story took place off in the corner between Eve and the snake. Adam, we assumed, was totally ignorant of all this until Eve showed up with the fruit. But verse … Continue reading

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Valiant Dust, Glorious Dust

Dust is dust-y and we use a duster to get rid of it. This is however, a mistake if we are actually interested in growing our spiritual life. Continue reading

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